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Hayato is a multilingual company and has in-depth understanding of the local property market to fulfill client's needs and wishes. We focus on housing expatriate assignees and their families to ensure that newcomers to Belgium experience a smooth transition into their new lives.

Finding the right home is likely to be the most important concern faced by expatriate staff in their relocation, as housing choice often sets the tone for their family's experience in Belgium. This is why we offer full relocation services, ensuring that our clients feel looked after, allowing them to begin enjoying all the excitement our city has to offer with ease.

We also help with small problems such as how to use household electrical appliances, gas, water, electricity problems, etc.

Our main focuses are on continuously improving our standard of service, maintaining and building our comprehensive property database, being industry leaders in information system solutions and ensuring cost effectiveness for our clients, with emphases on quality and value.

Please, visit our website in order to find a perfect suitable house for you and your family! For any other questions, services or assistance, please contact us directly.

Our services include:

- No cure No pay!

- House / Apartment of your wish

- Special arrangement for a short-time stay

- Furnished / Unfurnished rental

- Housing for company use

- Include utilities in the rent possible

- House / Apartment for sharing

- Assistance in Japanese/English, not only at checking-in/out but also throughout your contract period. 

Other Services:

- Small renovations of a residence, an office, etc.

- Replacing carpets, floors or wallpapers and paint work

- House Cleaning and Gardening work

     … and many more to be at your service !!


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